This is the quintessential Byron Bay wellness experience igniting all five senses; touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight. The experience begins with an Activation Consultation, a detox drink & escorted walk and ends with an organic breakfast/lunch sitting in nature.

Are you wanting some relaxing and rebalancing time in your life? Do you feel too overwhelmed of where to begin and need some help to get started?

This experience will set you up for success in achieving a healthier, happier life, with more selfcare time. In three hours, you will feel relieved and surprised at your new outlook on life. Together, we will identify, focus in and produce your wellness vision statement, realistic intermediate goals and an action plan.

Frequency: One-off or extend to a 12 Week Program
Duration: 3 hours
Cost: $479
Groups: Two or more reduced cost per person

The wellness experience provides:

– a confidential, relaxed and safe environment
– a personalised, in-depth review of your wellness questionnaire
– a discussion on your current situation and areas you want to change
– an objective view of your barriers and obstacles
– ability to identify your strengths, abilities and motivators
– clarity on your values and passion
– direction in your life journey and purpose
– assistance in formulating intermediate goals
– an understanding of what an authentic life means to you
– a plan to achieve your wellness vision
– an escorted walk by a local person with local insider knowledge
– two hours of being outdoors connecting to nature
– an hour to an hour & ¼ of walking & an hour & ¾ to two hours of sitting
– a detox cleansing juice prior to the walk
– an organic, seasonal, locally made, nutrient-rich, raw breakfast or lunch
– variety of rejuvenating teas and
– an option of a real coffee for coffee-lovers

Benefits of the wellness experience:

– you will have clarity on your life purpose, journey and path
– you receive an overall vision for your authentic wellness
– a documented, personalised wellness vision statement
– a realistic 12-week action plan with intermediate goals
– a process that can be started straight away, with weekly mini goal
– knowledge of the resources, support and environment you require to achieve your goals
– you will be well on your way to knowing what it takes to be living your authentic life
– a way to commence the development of your own selfcare charter and selfcare kit
– be prepared for your next life transforming steps forward
– if required, you have the option for further coaching
Nature Therapy, boosting your wholistic wellness
– received your daily dose of natural vitamin D
– an alternative dining experience and the healthy lifestyle of Byron Bay and
– you will feel relaxed, enthused and happier

Let’s begin the journey to a happier, healthier and fulfilled you, living a better life

“Your soul is your best friend, treat it with care, nurture it with growth, feed it with love.”


Phone: +61 411 69 8887


Powdered by coffee, red wine and sheer determination to help change peoples lives, for the better.