My Commitment to My Clients

I facilitate a mentoring relationship that is respectful, caring and compassionate and provide a safe, non-judgemental space for you to discover the best you.

The various Coaching methods I work with are based on specific, realistic and achievable personal plans that consider every aspect of a person’s life. It is an individual solution that evolves as you grow and progress through your transformation.

I am with my individual clients every step of the way, coaching you through identifying the changes you want to make, putting tangible steps in place, changing behaviours and habits and creating goals for personal assessment. You work at your own pace in a way that you are completely comfortable with and I provide support, motivation, accountability and encouragement.

As your very own personal holistic Allied Health Professional it is my job to empower you to make the changes you need for a happier and healthier life and to ensure that your goals are being met. I provide the tools for you to build and sustain your own individual path to wellness.

Underlying my Coaching framework is my personal passion for helping people lead more fulfilled lives and my professional health service sector experience. To be truly authentic in my profession my personal commitment to a wellness lifestyle is practised everyday.

My Values

At the centre of everything I do, personally and professionally, are my societal values and listed below are these values and in addition some of my core values. Consciously turning these thoughts into actions every single day ensures that these values bring out the best in myself and others.

There is always a difference between peoples societal values and personal/core values. Discovering your core values, and when you are in alignment with them, is the essential first step on the pathway to your authentic self. Authentic self is living your life the way you truly want to live it. Enabling a happier, healthier you, with inner peace and optimal wellness. Living a better life.

My Personal Philosophy

I practice a lifestyle to heal the world physically, mentally and socially and uphold and engage in sustainability practices as best I can. Living as naturally, organically and ethically as possible helps me to maintain wholistic wellness and a more peaceful, balanced life.

Minimal consumerism and thoughtful mindfulness are key pillars of my life and ensure that the noise of the outside world doesn’t compromise my true self.

Working as a Wellness/Life/Health Coach allows me to create a better world through humans being the best person they can authentically be; enriching the social fabric of my clients, their families and their wider communities.


Giving Back

Generosity is an important part of my personal life and business practice. A fundamental goal, when setting up my business, was to be able to donate to charities and good causes. From local and international volunteering, including a year with the Australian Government and Australia Red Cross, and a further four months with ADRA, both in Vanuatu, to fundraising for new rooves for cyclone devastated people, to community service work in Mexico, India and the Czech Republic, to financial contributions. 

My vision is to make a positive societal difference for a better tomorrow.

As a global citizen and contributor to society, I know that every little bit helps. I feel very fortunate and proud to be able to help, donate, support and contribute to those less fortunate. Supporting charities I give back to are Byron Visitor Centre, YWCA NSW and Our Kids. Other community support I provide is my services of a JP – Justice of the Peace NSW.

+61 (0) 411 698 887

Powdered by lovingness, kindness, compassion,

the odd coffee, sometimes a glass of vino and

sheer determination to help change peoples lives, for the better!