Are you at a crossroads and not sure what path to take? Do you fear that life is slipping by; that you have lost your sense of purpose? Or meaning within your relationship? Or at your work? Living by your core values will transform your life: this is the start of your journey to a happier, healthier life with inner peace and optimal wellness.
The Core Values Workshop / Consultation will provide the necessary grounding for you to begin living your life the way you truly want to live it. The life of your dreams. Identifying your unique core values is the essential first step on the pathway to your authentic self and your power. When you align yourself with your core values you will be able to develop new goals or reshape goals within your everyday life that will enhance your personal relationships, professional development and overall wellbeing.

Frequency: One-off or extend to a Wellness Coaching option
Duration: Two hours and extra time for a break
Cost: $299
Groups: Reduced cost per person

The consultation or workshop provides:
– explore what differentiates core values from other values
– discuss the importance of your unique core values
– investigate what you are “about” and what you are “not”
– draw out your current and past behaviours
– foster an awareness of how your core values effect your life
– discover what is truly important to you and what is not
– tap into your powerful intrinsic motivation
– clarify what gives your life a sense of purpose
– uncovers how you want to live your life
– if required the option of further coaching and
– the tools and resources to assist in identifying your core values
Benefits of the consultation or workshop:
– identifying and understand your core values
– explored your most valued core value
– be able to answer, “Who I am?” and “What do I stand for?”
– understand the importance of being in alignment with your core values
– know the wholistic importance of your core values
– learn how to use your core values to enhance your life and wellbeing
– start to put in place new goals and reshape goals
– be on your way with meaningful living with a sense of purpose
– align yourself with your core values and come into your power
– foster a feeling inner harmony & a sense of internal rightness
– if held outdoors, Nature Therapy, boosting your wellness and
– be ready to live a better live, the life of your dreams

Let’s begin the journey to a happier, healthier and fulfilled you, living a better life.

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.”

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