How to have happy people. A workshop aimed at HR and people managers. Includes a pre-wellness questionnaire. Reset your people to happiness mode, with recommendations for a more balanced life and work style habits.

Do you want your employees, team members or group attendees to have more energy and feel more alive?

The Happy People workshop is all about revitalising your team. It starts with a reality check of their current life status and addresses how to reconnect with their authentic self.

It is the initial sept to living a more balanced life. Together, we will identify, focus on and co-design your employees’ selfcare plan, with personal goals. Their unique selfcare plan is their personal guide to revitalisation.

The workshop will set your team up for success in achieving a happier, healthier and more balanced you. Your people will feel relieved and surprised at their new outlook on life.

The workshop provides:

– an understanding of the importance of selfcare
– determine employees personal physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, relationship and professional levels
– a review of employees current life balance
– uncovers how employees want to live your life
– assistance in formulating employees unique selfcare plan
– identifying employees selfcare personal goals
– a plan with strategies to achieve employees revitalisation
– the tools and resources to assist in revitalising employees
– a confidential, relaxed, fun & safe environment
– if held outdoors, reaping the benefits of nature therapy

The workshop benefits:

– employees will have clarity on their selfcare path
– employees receive an vision for their selfcare revitalisation
– a documented selfcare charter
– a selfcare plan with personalised goals
– a process that is the starting point of their journey
– knowledge of the resources & support required to achieve goals
– employees will be well on their way to knowing what it takes to be living a live with more energy & time
– take home tips, tools & resource documentation
– employees will receive a boost to their mental, physical, spiritual & emotional levels, more so if held outside connecting to nature


I look forward to working with you. I guarantee the results of my workshops and coaching with 100% fully satisfied attendees.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”



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