In today’s complex and overwhelming world, achieving one’s optimal wellness goals can appear out of reach. Throw in one’s daily demands and the ongoing digital technology, there never seems to be enough down time to get ahead. This consultation is like an espresso shot – intense, and an accelerated wellness boost

We will gain clarity. What’s most important to you, right now. We’re working on your mindset while also giving you the best skills and support. Together, we will produce your personal wellness vision, realistic goals and and an action plan. This is an intense hour that will change your thoughts and your life direction. One-to-one consultations available, face to face, by phone or online

Duration: One-off or extend to a 12 Week Program
Frequency: 1 hour consultation
Cost: $149
Groups: Two or more reduced cost per person

The consultation provides:

– a discussion on the status of your current life
– a personalised, in-depth review of your wellness questionnaire
– identify changes you want to make over the next 90 days
– determine and align what personally matters to you the most
– connect to your strengths and values
– an objective view of your barriers and obstacles
– assistance in formulating a plan
– realistic strategies to start to achieve your changes
– designing an accountability self-check in system
– a confidential, relaxed and safe environment
– if required, you have the option for further coaching and
– ideally one hour of being outside connecting to nature

Benefits of the consultation:

– you will have clarity on what you want to change
– you will know your vision for your identified wellness change
– a documented, personalised wellness vision statement
– a realistic plan to achieve your wellness goals
– a process that can be started straight away
– knowledge of your resources, support and environment you require to achieve your goals
– you will be well on your way to knowing what it takes to be living your wellness dream
– take home tools and resource documents
– if held outdoors, Nature Therapy, boosting your wellness and
– you will feel enthused, positive, lighter and happier

Let’s begin the journey to a happier, healthier and fulfilled you, living a better life

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”


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the odd coffee, sometimes a glass of vino and

sheer determination to help change peoples lives, for the better!