Using mother nature as a tool for better mental health of employees. Tips, techniques and strong learning outcomes for daily use. A real-hands on experiential session where employees feel empowered to handle daily stressors and strains in the workplace. Learn how to practice it in your life, through making a few small changes, that you can start using today.

This session is an introduction to the art of Nature Therapy. Nature Therapy is the practice of purposefully being in nature. Nature is beneficial, maybe essential, for human health. Nature offers one of the most reliable boosts to mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellness.

Do you or your team members live in a fast-paced, often stressful world, dealing with a flood of information, interruptions and distractions at work or home? Would you like to be more present and switch off from wearing business as a badge of honour?

Then Nature Therapy can help you make a shift in creating greater awareness of your life. Nature Therapy enables you to experience and appreciate your life, enjoying the micro moments of the everyday instead of constantly rushing blindly onwards. 

The session provides:

– the meaning and importance of nature therapy
– the benefits of nature therapy
– five steps guide how to practice nature therapy
– how to implement nature therapy habits in your daily life
– the skills to make you more present and live a balanced life
– a confidential, relaxed, fun and safe environment
– 60/90/120 minutes of individual empowering wellness

The session benefits:

– you will have clarity on what nature therapy is
– you receive a written guide on how to practice nature therapy
– you will be more present, productive & effective in your daily routines.
– you can use it straight away
– take home tips, tools and resource documentation
– you will receive a boost to your mental, physical, spiritual & emotional levels, even more so if held in nature
– you will feel enthused, positive, lighter and happier


I look forward to working with you. I guarantee the results of my workshops and coaching with 100% fully satisfied attendees.

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”


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