The Ongoing Wellness Packages provide you with continued, regular, personalised coaching and plays a key element in achieving your sustainable life transformation. It is ideal for people wanting continued guidance, support, motivation and accountability.

You can choose from one of the following packages, or we can tailor a package to suit you. From a 15 minute accountability session, to 30 minutes to one, two, three, four hours a day. Or weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-monthly or tri-monthly consultations/workshops/programs. Starting at $49.

The packages are available for clients who have already completed a consultation, workshop, experience or program.

There is absolutely an option of a monthly payment plan. If held outdoors, Nature Therapy, boosting your wholistic wellness.

Three Month Package

Based on 1/2 hour consultations
– Weekly x 12 consultations  $899
– Fortnightly x 6 consultations  $499
– Monthly x 3 consultations  $219

Based on one hour consultations
– Weekly  x 12 consultations $1739
– Fortnightly x 6 consultations  $869
– Monthly  x 3 consultations  $429

Six Month Package 

Based on 1/2 hour consultations
– Weekly  x 24 consultations  $1799
– Fortnightly  x 12 consultations  $899
– Monthly x 6 consultations  $449

Based on one hour consultations
– Weekly x 24 consultations  $3479
– Fortnightly x 12 consultations  $1739
– Monthly  x 6 consultations  $869

Call me today to discuss your best ongoing wellness package option that’s tailored to meet your wellness journey needs.

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