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Michelle Winrow – the authentic wellness coach – is a personal wellness coaching business, based in Byron Bay, Australia, and founded by Michelle Winrow in 2015. The Authentic Wellness Coach business was borne out of Michelle’s personal journey of transformation when her discovery of life coaching in 2010 naturally progressed into a coaching business – helping others to connect to their best self.

Since that time, Michelle has been supporting a diverse range of clients to live a healthier and happier life with greater energy and vitality. Whilst her clients’ lifestyles and personal motivations differ, everyone is looking for a more balanced, natural approach to life that delivers a greater sense of optimal wellness.

There are many wellness and coaching businesses in operation today, but Michelle Winrow, the Authentic Wellness Coach, has the natural ability to connect with her clients and offers a uniquely personal approach, creating wellness solutions for individuals, groups and workplaces. This means tailor made programs that are realistic and sustainable, and which deliver on specific individual outcomes.

Michelle also brings a caring and compassionate approach to her practice, providing a safe and non-judgmental space for all her clients. Her focus lies on supporting people to realise that wellness concerns is not necessarily about fixing a broken life, but rather adding to and enhancing your life. A range of wellness coaching programs, consulting experiences and workshops are available for clients to take a wellness path that best suits their needs.

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Michelle Winrow is a member of Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand, (HCANZA) the peak industry body for Professional Health and Wellness Coaches in Australia and New Zealand. 

HCANZA puts Health and Wellness Coaching at the forefront of the preventative healthcare industry. HCANZA continuously advocates for the growth and development of Health and Wellness Coaching and Health and Wellness Coaching Programs because of the significant role it plays in reducing the escalating burden of non-communicable diseases in Australia. 

Being an accredited member of HCANZA – Health and Wellness coach means Michelle is certified through industry recognised qualifications, approved training programs, has years of wellness coaching experience and annually completes the mandatory professional hours required.

As a HCANZA Health and Wellness coach Michelle Winrow must have professional indemnity and public liability insurance, experience working with clients who have a range of health conditions and adhere to a strict scope of practice and code of conduct.  This qualification ensures Michelle Winrow – Health and Wellness Coach can professionally collaborate and refer with other health providers to help clients achieve holistic wellness and better health outcomes more easily.

My Commitment to My Clients

I facilitate a mentoring relationship that is respectful, caring and compassionate and provide a safe, non-judgemental space for you to discover the best you.

The various Coaching methods I work with are based on specific, realistic and achievable personal plans that consider every aspect of a person’s life. It is an individual solution that evolves as you grow and progress through your transformation.

I am with my individual clients every step of the way, coaching you through identifying the changes you want to make, putting tangible steps in place, changing behaviours and habits and creating goals for personal assessment. You work at your own pace in a way that you are completely comfortable with and I provide support, motivation, accountability and encouragement.

As your very own personal holistic Allied Health Professional it is my job to empower you to make the changes you need for a happier and healthier life and to ensure that your goals are being met. I provide the tools for you to build and sustain your own individual path to wellness.

Underlying my Coaching framework is my personal passion for helping people lead more fulfilled lives and my professional health service sector experience. To be truly authentic in my profession my personal commitment to a wellness lifestyle is practised everyday.

I am an accredited HCANZA Health and Wellness Coach, with a degree in Public Health majoring in Health Promotion. In additional to this I  am often referred to as a Life Coach, Wellness Life Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Transformation Coach, Wellbeing Coach, Byron Bay Wellness Coach and Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. Regardless of the title I take a whole-person approach, providing realistic solutions that can fit into any busy schedule. But the results are the same, a healthier, happier life. People living their best life. Call, talk  to me to find out about your next wellbeing program or wellbeing consultation and transformation journey.

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