Workplace Wellness Matters
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Workplace Wellness creates Employee Wellness

Within your workplace, how do your employees engage in the business? In today’s fast-paced world, where work environments have become highly demanding, are your employees struggling with burnout, stress, poor time management, anxiety or depression? Are you able to identify what issues every employee is experiencing? After all, their mental and physical health is not your skillset. While you have defined your expertise in the product or service for your customer, as your team’s Wellness Coach, I am here to ensure they’re in the best possible position to support you and your business goals. Workplace wellness is paramount to the success of any business which relies on the performance of its employees to deliver outstanding outcomes to their customers. This is no easy journey. Every employee has different needs.

Workplace Wellness Matters

Is your business feeling the effects of the impact of unhealthy and stressed employees? Effects such as, missed days of work, lower productivity, more workers compensation claims, high staff turnover. Investing in your greatest asset, your team members, by providing a corporate wellness service should never be underestimated. When your team members are revitalised they are happier, more relaxed, feel alive which results in a positive, more effective, strong company culture and harmonious work environment. 

Do you want to save money on your businesses bottom line? When businesses invest in their employee’s wellness, they increase the likelihood of tapping into their employee’s intrinsic motivation. The workplace wellness services constantly improve staff morale and, depending on the service provided, will ultimately increase the business revenue as a result of the following:

– Increase job satisfaction

– Improve engagement

– Enhanced individual contributions

– Greater staff motivation and teamwork

– Longer employee retention

– Reduce sick leave by up to 30%

– Less workplace health and safety claims

– Company growth

What solutions are available for your business? Through tailoring the workplace wellness services to your brief, it takes an innovative approach focusing on employee’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, which are all interconnected to employee’s work performance.

 The services are designed specifically to meet your workplace needs and offers flexibility in its delivery. They can be one-off workshops for an instant wellness injection to an Employee Wellbeing Program that can be held on a regular basis over three to six months to 12 months.

Wellness Solutions for your People

Michelle Winrow – the authentic wellness coach – uniquely inspires individuals, employees, groups and teams to live a better life. Michelle Winrow creates a range of bespoke services for corporations, businesses, workplaces, groups, and retreats which help empower people to live with greater work life balance, so they are healthier, happier and thriving. Happy healthy people and healthy workplace means a healthy bottom line. All Wellness Workshops and the Employee Wellbeing Program have been comprehensively evaluated and shown to reset, improve and have a positive effect on team members health, wellness and wellbeing.

If you would prefer a Wellness Workshop or an Employee Wellbeing Program, a little different, factoring in your businesses values and employee needs please contact Michelle.

Employee Wellbeing Program
Grow and Thrive Workshop
Happy People Workshop
Instant Recharging Workshop
Power-Up your Employees Workshop
Selfcare 101 / Wellbeing 101 Workshop

As a holistic allied health professional, I work with you to create a dynamic and effective work environment. Call me today to discuss a workplace wellness solution that’s designed to meet your business needs.