Wellness Referral Program
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Wellness Referral Program

When people have completed one of my wellness services, and they are kicking up their heels, making whoopee, delighted in their health and wellbeing I am elated at the feedback, testimonials, and referrals I receive. To show my heartfelt gratitude for these word-of-mouth referrals I have a Wellness Referral thank you program.

When you refer a friend or colleague or family member to connect, and they engage in one of my wellness services and solutions you will receive a referral Thank You gift of Wellness. When working with new clients I always ask how they discovered me, once I have the name of person who referred them I will be in contact with you.

The gift is a one to one personalised thirty minutes Revise and Refresh Consultation to check in, identify any areas in your life you want to change, address how to make these changes, offering a fresh look perspective and steps moving forward. Or maybe you simply want a jump start to get you back on track with your wellbeing goals.

As our life and environment constantly evolves so does our health, wellness, and life needs. It is always worthwhile to invest your time and energy to recharge you and move positively forward in your wellbeing journey.

Revise and Refresh Consultation

The Revise and Refresh Consultation provides:

A safe space to share your thoughts and feelings

A snapshot of your current health and wellness

Integrative and holistic whole person approach

Powerful neuroscience and coaching psychology techniques

Numerous tools and resource documents

Ongoing direction, accountability, and goals

Guidance, honesty, and a new perspective

Oodles of support and encouragement

Boost of instant wellness selfcare joy

In the thirty minute Revise and Refresh Consultation it will be productive, inspiring, and transformational.

Word of mouth is so powerful.