Every day, globally, people spend billions of dollars on retail therapy. Does this release a happiness endorphin? Maybe for a few minutes. Is it still around the next day? No. That moment is gone. What about when the credit card statement arrives? No long-term happiness there. Retail therapy is not the answer, so wouldn’t it make sense to spend money on something that is? Something that can provide more happiness, everyday and change your life for the better?

Wellness coaching is a structured process tailored specifically around your current situation and designed to ultimately help you be the person you want to be. Now, here’s an answer you will know. Next time you’re asked, “What can I buy you?’, or, when you’re trying to think of a gift for someone you care about, here are some great wellness gift voucher options:

The Intenso Consultation – An espresso shot – Time is of the essence. This is an accelerated wellness boost. Let’s get clarity. What’s most important to you right now. We’ve working on your mindset while also giving you the best skills and support in an individually tailored wellness plan. This is one hour of power.  $149

Discover Your Core Values Consultation – Transformational – your core values underpin how you life your life. Identifying your core values and aligning with them is fundamental to living a better life, your authentic life. $299

The Wellness Walking Consultation – Invigorate – We’re in the great outdoors combining a walk with a wellness consultation. Together, we’ll exercise your mind and body. By the end, you’ll have a new personal wellness vision, realistic goals and an action plan. This is two energising hours and concludes with your favourite coffee or juice.  $229

The Activate Consultation – Awakening – discover your wholistic, wellness vision. How do you dream to live? Together, we’ll develop intermediate goals and an action plan for living a healthier, happier life with more energy and vitality. This is a three-hour investment in you and includes a break and a coffee/tea.  $449

The Revitalise You Consultation – Reconnect – This is the reality check. A new perspective. A reset of your habits and includes a personalised selfcare plan. Allow two invigorating selfcare hours for this empowerment.  $299

The Ultimate Byron Bay Wellness Experience – Blissful – Igniting all five senses to revitalise and rebalance you. We’ll immerse in some nature therapy, while nurturing, identifying and documenting your personal wellness vision, a plans with strategies & goals to achieve it. This is three intoxicating hours, including a meal & refreshment.  $479

Your success, or the fortunate friend/relative/colleague that is receiving this life changing Wellness Gift Voucher, is centered around your commitment to you. Previous clients have achieved remarkable outcomes. They’ve attained long outstanding personal and professional goals. Adopted positive behaviour patterns that have empowered them. Found their authentic individuality and improved their health and wellbeing. Ultimately, it’s also given them deeper and more meaningful relationships. What’s your dream? Contact me to explore how I can help you, today. And remember if held outdoors, experience Nature Therapy, which boosts peoples wholistic wellness.

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