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Alison J | Michelle Winrow - Success Story
Alison J
Director, Lennox Head, Australia
“With the help of Michelle, you can do it. I changed my life’s direction. I was living an unhappy life, in a corporate environment where I was drowning. I was losing me. Michelle worked out what I did and didn’t want in my life. She provided the tools and courage to make change happen. With Michelle’s constant support and guidance, each week change became reality. I changed my career path to fly solo giving me the flexibility to be a mother, a wife and a successful professional. I feel inspired again doing what I love. My family life and a rewarding career are both present. I feel happy and whole again. I could not have made the change in my life direction without Michelle. I will be forever grateful for her support.”
Caitlin Harris | Michelle Winrow - Success Story
Caitlin Harris
Retreats Co-ordinator, Byron Bay, Australia
“Michelle worked with me and helped me to realise what it was that I wanted to improve in my life, what actions were required, and then broke them down into easily manageable and achievable wellness goals. Michelle was warm, friendly, professional and encouraging, I felt very supported by her. I would highly recommend Michelle as a wellness coach.”
Claire Martin | Michelle Winrow - Success Story
Claire Martin
Mother and wearer of many hats , Tokyo, Japan
“Prior to my Health and Wellness Coaching, I was caught up in the busyness of day to day life and didn’t have the time or even think about a wellness vision for myself and my family. The coaching was invaluable, not only for developing a wellness vision for myself and my family, but also the realisation that my wellness starts with looking after me first before I can look after my family. Michelle has supported me to become the person that I really want to be.”
Harvinder Randhawa | Michelle Winrow - Success Story
Harvinder Randhawa
Senior Global Mobility Manager, London, England
“Michelle is an excellent health and wellness coach. During our wellness coaching sessions, she helped me identify some core focus areas that I need to address before I could move on to greater wellbeing and true happiness. Michelle has the ability to dig deeper under the surface and extract what’s really going on. She asks the right questions. She is patient, sensitive and organised in her approach. She helped me understand that there are small steps towards change I have to make which will enable me to make the great leaps in my personal development and wellbeing. I would not hesitate to recommend wellness coaching with Michelle.”
Ian Sinclair | Michelle Winrow - Success Story
Ian Sinclair
Retiree, Ocean Shores, Australia
“Michelle has an infectious bubbly personality that can light up the darkest day, this was evident in her coaching style. Michelle was positive and motivating with my coaching program. The program was very clear and gave me weekly directions on what I was to do to achieve my goals. Factoring in my asthma condition, I now live a healthier life, which has also given me greater lung capacity to play my saxophone, which I had not played in years.”
Pier Moscatelli | Michelle Winrow - Success Story
Pier Moscatelli
Manager, Lucca, Italy
“I had Wellness Coaching with Michelle for four weeks, during this time Michelle opened up my world. She helped me to really identify my core values and morals, which gave me the direction I needed. Her saying is “One Life – Don’t Waste it” (which I wrote on my bathroom mirror), her coaching inspired me to start living a true life, which I do. I recommend Michelle.”
Shirlee Whalley | Michelle Winrow - Success Story
Shirlee Whalley
HR Manager, Lismore, Australia
“Michelle’s commitment to Wellness Coaching and her genuine interest in people and their wellbeing is a rare find. Her coaching style was a wholistic approach, including weekly support and accountability. Michelle has supported me in getting a healthy balance back in my life. I have felt real joy and happiness since embarking on this journey with her.”