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The Employee Wellbeing Program

The solutions focused Employee Wellbeing Program addresses preventable factors by improving health and wellness of employees through strategies that improve lifestyle behaviours such as hydration, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, connection, emotional health, time management and workplace injury prevention. The program is evidence-based consisting of individual workshops which are created using the most up to date information and research, whist addressing workplace and employee’s health and safety.

The Employee Wellbeing Program is most effectively implemented through a host of workshops over a set time rather than just one stand alone workshop. The series of workshops allow for continued education, motivation, guidance, and accountability. Ongoing workshops hold space for acknowledging successes and combating barriers, creating momentum and further achievements.

The Employee Wellbeing Program is designed to empower new thinking, effect positive change, tap into the employee’s intrinsic motivation and improve the employee’s wellbeing.

The fundamental delivery of the Employee Wellbeing Program can involve, yet not limited to, various methods including a mix of:

Selfcare 101 Workshop
Grow and Thrive Workshop
Power-up your Employees Workshop
Happy People Workshop
Instant Recharging Workshop

The Employee Wellbeing Program and the relevant workshops have a relaxed and practical approach. Team members learn how to find vital moments of self-awareness, clarity and wellness practices and solutions to support them navigating the demands of their working environment. At the same time, it helps support team members with their own personal health, relationships, and wellness outside of their workplace.

There is the option to custom your Employee Wellbeing Program intervention. The Employee Wellbeing Program is tailored uniquely for your business or organisation and objectives. The custom program or workshop factors in identifying and understanding the core issues and concerns and provide strategies to overcome them.


Michelle Winrow – the authentic wellness coach – is a mobile Health and Wellness Professional. Therefore consultations, workshops and programs are available either in person, by phone or online. For people and workplaces that are based locally there is the option of having consultations either; sitting in nature, walking, at the beach, in a quiet cafe, at your home or place of work. Alternatively I can fly to you, however this would incur additional costs for travelling.

Michelle Winrow – the authentic wellness coach – is a healthcare professional trained in health and wellness coaching, the behaviour change theory, motivational strategies and communication techniques, which are used to guide people to develop intrinsic motivation and obtain skills to create sustainable change for improved health and wellbeing.

The Wellness Coaching Model is based on elements of Coaching Psychology, Neuroscience, The Behaviour Change Model, Mindfulness, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Positive Psychology, Self Determination Theory, and the Strengths-Based Approach.

The Wellness Coaching Model is innovative as it enables people to self-discover by an active learning process, which facilitates people to self-determine their own personal wellness goals. Rather than being told or prescribed to do something that they don’t want to be do. When people are told what to do, and they don’t want to do it, it can be an additional barrier for them to achieve their optimal wellness to being living their best life.

Continued Wellness

Michelle Winrow is an accredited HCANZA Health and Wellness Coach, with a degree in Public Health majoring in Health Promotion. In addition to this Michelle is often referred to as a Life Coach, Wellness Life Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Transformation Coach, Wellbeing Coach, Byron Bay Wellness Coach and Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. Regardless of the title Michelle takes a whole-person approach, providing realistic solutions that can fit into any busy schedule. But the results are the same, a healthier, happier life. People living their best life. Call Michelle to find out about your next wellbeing program or wellbeing consultation and start your transformation journey, today.

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Instant Recharging Workshop

Are you wanting an on-the-spot, instant wellness boost to recharge your team members? So that they are achieving a balanced lifestyle that results in happier, healthier, and less stressful team members? The Instant Recharging Workshop will provide this wellness boost enabling a happy & healthy team.

Selfcare 101 / Wellbeing 101 Workshop

The Selfcare 101 / Wellbeing 101 workshop. In today’s fast pasted, high stress and often over demanding, work environments, employees are struggling with issues such as burnout, anxiety, & depression. The workshop is fundamental & a foundational step to enable team members to be happy & healthy.

Happy People Workshop

How to have motivated and a happy team. The Happy People workshop is aimed People Managers. It includes a pre-wellness questionnaire. Reset your team to happiness mode, with strategies for a more balanced life and work style habits.

Grow and Thrive Workshop

The Grow and Thrive workshop uses nature as a tool for better mental health of employees. This workshop provides tips, techniques, and strong learning outcomes to enable better wellbeing. Employees will feel empowered & prepared to handle daily stressors and maintain greater health and wellness.

Power-Up your Employees Workshop

Unlock your personnel’s core values for corporate benefit. This workshop is all about understanding what makes your team members tick. When in alignment with ones core values team members will motivated and happier.