What is Wellness Coaching?
Health and Wellness Coach

The Wellness Coaching Model

 In the daily demands of life, is the last person you pay attention to yourself? Are you caught up in a world where you’re time deficient, often stressed, anxious about things getting on top of you, and find yourself not sleeping properly at night? Chances are you’re not alone. But being stuck in the same rut as everyone else doesn’t make your life any easier. The question is – how do I get myself on the right track? The challenge to this is motivating yourself from where you are now. This is when and where the Wellness Coaching Model is transformational.


The Wellness Coaching model is a unique and effective method which transforms lives. The transformation process is, together with your coach (who’s right by your side), creating the changes you want, putting step in place, working at your own pace, with oodles of support, encouragement and accountability.

The Wellness Coaching model is an integrative and holistic approach factoring in your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental state. This is so important because these are all connected. Gone are the days of focusing on only one illness at a time. People need a whole-person approach to health and wellness given our busy, demanding, fast paced and complex lives.

From a scientific background, The Wellness Coaching Model is based upon elements of Coaching Psychology, Neuroscience, The Behaviour Change Model, Self-determination Theory, Positive Psychology and the Strengths Based Approach. In a nutshell, you will be living your truly authentic life, with greater health, happiness and fulfilment.

My Guarantee to You

Everyone needs a little help and guidance every now and then. I am here to help you. My guarantee to you is when you engage my services you will be living a better life. Let me support you to create achievable and sustainable actions plans to optimal health and wellness in all aspects of your life. Phone me for a free 20 minute chat to first address any queries and find out whether we are a good fit.