Power-Up your Employees Workshop

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Up to 50 people



The Power-up Your Employees Workshop

Unlock your personnel’s core values for corporate benefit. This workshop is aimed at individual’s and teams dealing with challenging news or information on a daily basis e.g. insurance companies, solicitors and health professionals. This workshop is all about understanding what makes your employees tick for them to be better on a daily basis.

Values help to determine peoples priorities in life and heavily influence decision making, career choices and inner peace. When people do work activities or set goals that do not match their values they sabotage themselves and the organisation they work for.

By identifying one’s unique core values it is the essential first step on the pathway to being ones authentic self and ascertain what career and life they want to live. When people align themselves with their core values, they are able to develop new goals or reshape goals within their everyday life that will enhance their professional development, work productivity, personal and work relationships and overall wellbeing.

The workshop will provide the necessary grounding for your attendees to begin living their life the way they truly want to live it. Good for you, good for your bottom line and the actions of a responsible business leader.

Michelle Winrow – the authentic wellness coach – is a mobile Health and Wellness Professional. Therefore consultations, workshops and programs are available either in person, by phone or online. For people/workplaces that are based locally there is the option of having consultations either; sitting in nature, walking, at the beach, in a quiet cafe, at your home or place of work. Alternatively I can fly to you, however this would incur additional costs for travelling.

Other available Wellbeing Options and Cost that may suit you better. If you are not sure what will work for you in your busy schedule, please contact Michelle.

The Workshop Provides

  1. explores what differentiates core values from other values
  2. discusses the importance of attendees unique core values
  3. investigates what attendees are “about” and what they are “not”
  4. draws out attendees current and past behaviours
  5. fostering an awareness of how attendees core values effect everyday life
  6. discovers what is truly important to attendees
  7. taps into attendees powerful intrinsic motivation
  8. clarifies what gives attendees life a sense of purpose
  9. uncovers how attendees want to live their life
  10. tools and resources for moving forward
  11. a confidential, relaxing and safe environment

Benefits of the Workshop

  1. identifying and understand attendees core values
  2. explored attendees most valued core value
  3. to be able to answer, “Who I am?” and “What I stand for?”
  4. understand the importance of being in alignment with ones core values
  5. know the holistic importance of ones core values
  6. aware of how to use core values to enhance ones health and wellbeing
  7. can put in place reshape goals in alignment with ones core values
  8. be on attendees way with meaningful living and sense of purpose
  9. honouring attendees core values enabling coming into their power
  10. fostering a feeling of inner harmony and a sense of internal rightness
  11. a nurturing, empowering and recharging wellness experience

Evaluation of this Wellness Service

The Power Up Your Employees Workshop has been comprehensively evaluated and shown to reset team members by reducing unhealthy lifestyle habits. The Power Up Your Employees Workshop is designed to keep your workplace healthy, productive and promote a culture of positive workplace wellness.

Michelle Winrow – the authentic wellness coach – is a healthcare professional trained in health and wellness coaching, the behaviour change theory, motivational strategies and communication techniques, which are used to guide people to develop intrinsic motivation and obtain skills to create sustainable change for improved health and wellbeing.

The Wellness Coaching Model is based on elements of Coaching Psychology, Neuroscience, The Behaviour Change Model, Mindfulness, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Positive Psychology, Self Determination Theory, and the Strengths-Based Approach.

The Wellness Coaching Model is innovative as it enables people to self-discover by an active learning process, which facilitates people to self-determine their own personal wellness goals. Rather than being told or prescribed to do something that they don’t want to be do. When people are told what to do, and they don’t want to do it, it can be an additional barrier for them to achieve their optimal wellness to being living their best life.

Continued Wellness

Building on the health and wellbeing successes from The Power Up Your Employees  and the momentum this creates there is an option to have continued personalised Ongoing Wellness Consultations, or Workplace Wellness sessions or implement an Employee Wellbeing Program. This enables your team members to have a regular committed practice of wellness activates, challenges, rewards, and accountability. The outcomes and long-term benefits are sustainable happy, healthy team members, a harmonious working environment and a profitable business.

Michelle Winrow is an accredited HCANZA Health and Wellness Coach, with a degree in Public Health majoring in Health Promotion. In addition to this Michelle is often referred to as a Life Coach, Wellness Life Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Transformation Coach, Wellbeing Coach, Byron Bay Wellness Coach and Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. Regardless of the title Michelle takes a whole-person approach, providing realistic solutions that can fit into any busy schedule. But the results are the same, a healthier, happier life. People living their best life. Call Michelle to find out about your next wellbeing program or wellbeing consultation and start your transformation journey, today.

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