Are you ok day? Needs to be everyday…

Are you ok day? Needs to be everyday…

In Australia, the 12th September is “Are you ok?” day It’s all about having a conversation with people where you could change their life. It is creating awareness to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with the people around them and start a conversation with anyone who may be struggling with life.

I enthusiastically believe in this day, and even more so that, it needs to be every day that we check in on those around us. I ask this question daily, personally and professionally. I do this verbal, via emails and texting. I usually ask the question “I hope you and your world are all good?” then I listen mindfully to the response.

You don’t need to be an expert to reach out – just a caring friend and a great listener. A tip to being a great listener, is to put yourself in the other persons shoes – try and image what they are going through. Show empathy and compassion. The R U OK? organisation recommends using these four steps:

1. Ask are you ok?
2. Listen.
3. Encourage action.
4. Check in.

If your intuition is telling you that someone you know or care about isn’t behaving as they normally would? Perhaps they seem out of sorts, or moody, or withdrawn. Trust your gut instinct and ask the question. Are you ok? You may not be able to solve their concerns, what you can do is support them to find someone that can help.