Do you look after your relationships?

Do you look after your relationships?

Quality time with cherished friends plays an important role in our continued wellbeing. After all, when life gets rough friends are there to support us.

Did you know that researchers in positive psychology confirm that wellbeing and relationships work together to create a kind of upward spiral. Healthy relationships lead to wellbeing. They strengthen your immune system, allow you to live longer, lower stress levels and minimise mental health concerns.

However, I get it as I experience too. It can be hard to have time to connect with friends with the busyness and demands of life. Then when you finally get together it can be hard to be present with all the interruptions. It’s a good practice to master looking after your relationships. Here are six tips:

1. Commit – To connecting with four people each week and contact them ahead of time.

2. Schedule – It on your calendar. It can be a coffee, walk, sitting on the beach, glass of wine etc.

3. Distraction Free – No mobile phones or on aeroplane mode.

4. Habitual – Ideally a recurring connection; walking every Saturday, morning tea coffee every Tuesday.

5. Tiny Steps – Have quality connection time, not quantity. A 15-minute lunchtime walk can be extremely valuable.

6. Precious Moments – Savour and appreciate the time you have spent together.

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