Do your feel disrespected?

Do your feel disrespected?

Do you feel not respected? Start setting healthy boundaries, today. Creating healthy boundaries is empowering. By recognising the need to set and enforce limits, you protect your self-esteem, maintain self-respect, and enjoy healthy relationships.

Before you set some healthy boundaries for better wellbeing, what are boundaries? Boundaries are guidelines, rules, or limits that a person creates to identify for themselves what are reasonable, safe, and permissible ways for others to behave around them and how they will respond when someone steps outside those limits. 

Five ways for you to set healthy boundaries are;
– Make selfcare a priority.
– Start small – baby steps.
– Tune into your feelings.
– Consider your past and present.
– Name your limits.

Use this quote for inspiration and the importance on setting healthy boundaries for your holistic wellbeing. ““The more you value yourself, the healthier your boundaries are.” – Lorraine Nilon”

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