Are you feeling unbalanced in life?

Are you feeling unbalanced in life?

Feeling unbalanced in any aspect of your life? Consider evaluating your relationships and see how setting boundaries can help. Whether it’s with your boss, colleagues, family, or friends, some relationships may require stricter boundaries than others based on the level of respect and intimacy present. Maintaining healthy relationships requires setting specific boundaries that vary depending on the connection you have with people. Take charge of your life by setting boundaries that work for you and your relationships. 

To set boundaries know and define your limits and prioritise your personal values. Taking the time to determine your limits when interacting with others can help you set boundaries. Consider your intellectual, physical, spiritual, and emotional desires as you work to understand them. Understanding your limits involves:
– reflecting on past situations that caused you to experience negative feelings.
– focusing on what you want to accomplish with boundaries.
– Prioritising personal values.

Then once you have determined your limits you can set your personal boundaries to prioritise yourself. After all nothing is worth more than your wellbeing. Protecting your mental, emotional, and physical wellness involves considering what you want to accept and what doesn’t work for you. Here are four nudges to set your personal boundaries enabling you to live your best life.
1. Know and define your limits
2. Evaluate your relationships
3. Communicate clearly
4. Be assertive and aim to uphold your boundaries to live your best life!

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