Four simple ideas to have a stress-free festive season

Four simple ideas to have a stress-free festive season

Chances are this time of the year is not so jolly for you. Full of extra stressors like requests of loved ones, family awkwardness, financial pressures, ongoing social events, time constraints and the constant balance of your wellbeing. Try these four impactful ideas to enjoy “the season to be jolly”.

– Put you first
Getting pulled in multiple directions with all the social and family obligations are inevitable and can get overwhelming. Prioritising your selfcare is hands-down the best thing you can do for a calmer, stress-free holiday season.

– Savour the moments
Neuroscience research confirms that people who take in the good things and focus on the positive tend to be happier, have lower feelings of depression, and greater satisfaction with life. Moments with loved ones can be fleeting so savour them.

– Slow down
It’s so nourishing to find a few wellbeing moments amid the chaos around you, instead of adding to it. Carve out some you time in your schedule to do whatever it is you love doing to revitalise and centre you.

– Invest in you
Give yourself the gift of wellness. Life is precious. You are precious. Attached are wellness gift ideas for you or loved ones. Being stress-free is contagious and a wise investment.