I constantly get asked what I do? As I’m always smiling!

I constantly get asked what I do? As I’m always smiling!

In a nutshell, like a double shot espresso that packs a mighty oomph, I ignite, enable, and transform people to be living a better life.

I hold a degree in Public Health, majoring in Health Promotion, several Health and Wellness qualifications and over 25 years in the healthcare sector. Working in the public sector my title is a Health Promotion Officer. In the private sector my title is a Health/Life/Wellness Coach, it varies as I cater my services to the needs of my clients.

Everyone’s wellness is unique, and everyone has different wellness goals. So, I support my clients to achieve wholistic wellness by addressing their personal physical, mental, emotional concerns, combined with their profession, relationships, and core values.

The transformation process is, together with my clients, we review their current life, create the changes they want, putting steps in place, reshaping current behaviours, identifying new goals, recording successes, working at my client’s pace, with oodles of support, motivation, and accountability. I use varying science-based behaviour change models depending on my clients’ concerns.

By taking a whole-person approach, I provide realistic solutions that can fit into any busy schedule. But the results are the same people living a better life.

For further information go to https://theauthenticwellnesscoach.com/services-and-costs/