There is a decent chance that you are lonely…

There is a decent chance that you are lonely…

We humans are social creatures. Our need to connect with others is deeply hardwired as it goes right back to when we gathered in groups so we could survive. Times have certainly changed, research confirms young Australians, single parents, unemployed, people with disabilities, over-65s are lonely. Anyone for that matter can be lonely.

Alarmingly, the latest Australian Loneliness Report 2018 revealed one in four Australians confirmed feeling lonely each week. The report highlighted that one in two Australians sometimes or always feel alone.

When we are not being connected to others it can take a tremendous toll on our relationships, health, wellbeing, and our survival. The issue is so prevalent, and its effects are so damaging, that experts warn of a loneliness epidemic that could be our next public health crisis.

Tips to overcome loneliness:

– Understand and acknowledge your loneliness.
– Don’t be afraid of showing the authentic you.
– Deal with the stress of putting yourself out there.
– Don’t be afraid of small talk.
– Build relationships through listening.
– Seek treatment for underlying mental health issues.
– Harness the power of technology for good.
– Join a special interest group.
– Look out for the people in your community and workplace.