Try one of these 4 fasting types

Try one of these 4 fasting types

According to many experts the 12 hour fasting is easier, safe and a great start for intermittent fasting. As an example: eating breakfast at 7am and wrapping up eating your last meal of the day by 7pm. What do you think? Would this work in your world? 

Or if you are wanting to shake off some weight? Studies have highlighted that 16 hour fasting and confining your eating to an 8 hour window is associated with weight loss, a decrease in fat mass while maintain muscle mass.

Another option if you are wanting to start burning fat try the 18:6 fasting plan. It is more intense where you eat in a 6 hour window and fast for the remaining 18 hours. Whilst more research is needed the fast likely helps your body burn through stored carbohydrates faster so you start burning fat for fuel. Researchers believe it could be enough to activate a cellular clean up process that’s associated with longevity – called autophagy.

The 20:4 fast, often referred to as the “warrior diet,” stands out as the most stringent among the well-known Time-Restricted Eating/Fasting routines. In this approach, you fast for a span of 20 hours, tightly restricting their eating to a condensed 4-hour window. The optimal arrangement of these #eating and #fasting periods is likely to be influenced by a variety of considerations, including one’s #work commitments, #social engagements, #exercise regimen, and #personal physiological preferences. By tailoring the fasting and eating windows to align with these factors, you can discover an approach that not only suits your lifestyle but also resonates with your body’s #natural rhythm.

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