What do you do that makes your soul shine?

What do you do that makes your soul shine?

Six statements that matter to me. All six contribute to me living my one precious life with authenticity, happiness, holistic wellness, and fun!

Try one, or all six, to kickstart your New Year’s resolution. Achieving it may never have been easier!

  1. Be true to yourself, as this always brings true happiness.
  2. Live with no regrets.
  3. Your health is your wealth.
  4. Sleep is far more important than diet and exercise.
  5. Daily give gratitude for all your privileges and abundance.
  6. Do what makes your soul shine.

This is something that made my soul shine the other night. Celebrating the start and gift of another year, with a glass of champagne with loved ones. What do you do each day that makes your soul shine? 

Wishing everyone a healthful, peaceful, and fun-filled 2022, with lots of lovingness, kindness, and compassion. 🍾🤸‍♂️❤️ #lifebalance #healthyboundaries #soulshine #sleephygiene #authentic#byronbay #wellness #wellnesscoaching #visitnsw #potd #discovernsw #champagne