What’s your highest priority in your one precious life?

What’s your highest priority in your one precious life?

Daily in both our professional and personal life, everything is a priority. Employees, employers, senior managers, business owners, mums, dads ……everyone comes to think of it, often become stressed out, overwhelmed, suffer with anxiety because they have competing priorities and don’t know what to attend to first.

I know, and research confirms, your number one priority for your wellbeing is to take care of you. When we are taking care of ourselves, yes that means making ourselves our top priority, we get more out of life. We are healthier, happier and thriving.

If you have no time set aside for taking care of you because it’s not a priority in your life, it’s saying that you don’t prioritise your own wellbeing. In my opinion this is self-abuse.

Write down three wellbeing actions/habits/activities that you would like to do. Think about if you were to take that action or make that change, what difference or impact it would it have on your life and the achievement of these wellbeing goals.

Schedule these goals in. It doesn’t just help in remembering them, it makes your mind more efficient by helping you focus on the truly important stuff, and you are 42% more likely to achieve them. Wellbeing needs to be everyone’s number one priority and implemented in their life, especially professionally.