Would you like to be more present in the moment?

Would you like to be more present in the moment?

Would you like to be more present in the moment and truly enjoy the friends, family, scenery or activity around you? Everyone talks about practising Mindfulness, which I definitely have not mastered. Something that has greatly helped me is breathing. Yes, it sounds so simple and it is.

Breathing is actually the foundation of Mindfulness. Breathing helps slow everything down, calms your mind and body and bring you into the present moment. There are numerous ways you can practise mindful breathing, you can start by first being aware of your breath, be aware as your breaths come and go, like the ocean waves. Each time you breathe out, you can let go and release your thoughts about the past & future. A few breathing practises to try are:

Feel your breathing. Place one hand on your chest and feel your breath moving into and out of your body.

Breathe slowly and deeply. Inhale through your nose slowly to a count of five. Pause and hold your breath for a count of three then breathe out slowly, then repeat.

Use your imagination. Breathe in like you’re smelling the scent of a flower. Breathe out like you’re blowing bubbles.

Just focus on breathing in and then breathing out, that’s mindful breathing. Remember to take time to simple “be”, and “be present” by taking one to two breaths you will “be”.