Change is Possible

You are unique.

We are born with our own genetics. We create and live our own path of experience and create our own history. Sometimes in the daily demands of life we forget to pay attention to ourselves and are not as healthy and happy, as we truly want to be.

This is normal; we are all human, a complex system of mind and body that needs nourishing to continually perform at its best. Living a happier, healthier and fulfilled life is possible and transforming your life to regain a balance is achievable. It just takes some reflection and a refocus on your everyday wellness.

Sometimes it can seem all too overwhelming to make the change needed to experience a more authentic you. That’s where I can help. I offer a new perspective and can guide and support you on the path to living your true happy self.

For change to be achievable in daily life wellness solutions need to reflect who we are wholistically as individuals. Understanding your lifestyle, goals and aspirations and developing a program that fits in with you is the key to wellness coaching. Taking a whole-person approach to health and wellness and factoring in your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental state.

I have been on your journey, and am now passionate about helping women like you to a better life. No matter how busy you may seem, it is possible to take a breath and start investing in your most valuable asset – your wellness.

Let’s begin the journey to a happier, healthier and more fulfilled you.

Wellness Solutions

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Success Stories

“Michelle worked with me to realise what it was that I wanted to improve in my life, what actions were required, broke them down into easily manageable and achievable goals….”


Retreats Coordinator, Byron Bay, Australia

“Michelle opened up my world, she helped me to really identify my values and morals, which gave me the direction I needed. Inspiring me to start living a true life, which I do….”


Manager Luca, Italy

“Michelle’s commitment to Wellness Coaching and her genuine interest in people and their wellbeing is a rare find. I have felt real joy and happiness since embarking….”


HR Manager, Lismore, Australia

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”


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